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The Heart Behind The Hunt

When The Hunt Outdoor Television founder Jared Mummert stepped into the woods as a bowhunter for the first time in 2004 he answered the age-old question; what do you want to be when you grow up?

Archery skills for Jared grew organically from a young age but came to fruition with a tried and true recurve at the County Fair of all places. The "Great Geauga County Fair" archery shooting course hosted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources sparked the stick and string fires as Jared’s flawless shots landed repeatedly in the bullseye without prior archery experience. He received his first bow [a 1980's PSE Fire Flight that was far too large for him] as a gift from his father and uncle Todd after they tried in vain to harvest whitetails and were unsucessful. Jared was the first Mummert man to harvest a deer with this bow and continued using it for 3-4 years harvesting multiple whitetails, until he chose his first compound fit to him, a Mathews Switchback XT.

Prior to archery, Jared grew up an avid hunter with both sides of his family being well-versed in the hobby. But to Jared, this hobby ran deeper and became his existence. The rest has been [self-filmed] into history and has grown into Jared’s dream, The Hunt Outdoor Television.

The Hunt Outdoor Television has been a life-long dream for Jared but none of it would be possible without the heart that drives him. Jared met his wife, Kate, in 2009 at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. They married in 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. Their first baby, Isabella Rose, was born in 2019 and their son, Marshall Allen, in 2021.

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