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Food Plots

We've all heard the saying "let them go, let them grow". But what if we changed our way of thinking to "let them grow from what we sow"?

The Hunt is founded on firm beliefs of harvesting whitetails from sustainable food sources in their natural habitat.

Jared hosts monthly [free] consultation sessions on how to manage your property, including food sources, to produce *mature deer. To enhance your properties capabilities of retaining whitetails have you considered food plots? [Tune in HERE]

If you would like to discuss your properties

potential and how to retain whitetail, send us an email. The Hunt offers services from food plot consultation, food plot implementation and installation to tree stand/blind placement on any kind of property. Founder Jared Mummert has a keen sense and natural ability to place hunters in the 'hot seat' for deer season.

Let us help you harvest a mount-worthy whitetail this season!

*Mature: in both age and size! A 6.5 year old typical  toad can be just as exciting as a 3.5 year old young buck with a unique kicker.

Let us tell you how to determine age vs. size benefits in harvesting.

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